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We are one of the world’s foremost interactive specialists and pioneers in the field of information design. Trusted by the world’s biggest brands, our talented interactive design and development team have completed hundreds of interactive projects over the last nine years, and we’re ready to create something unique for your business.
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How It Works

Interactive content is priced on a per project basis, depending on functionality, complexity and volume of data. Simply call us or use the form below to enquire, and we’ll come back to you with an accurate, up front quote.

Unlimited revisions to all projects

Comprehensive browser testing to all interactives

Full mobile compatibility

Competitive pricing and quick turnarounds

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an interactive piece cost?
We quote for interactive content on a per project basis, based on the functionality required, the type of interactive, overall complexity and the volume of data to be included. To get an accurate quote for your project, simply get in touch and we’ll come back to you with a price.

How long do interactive pieces take?
Turnaround time can vary substantially depending on the complexity and required functionality. However, most interactive pieces are completed within 2-3 weeks, including design and illustration, development, compatibility testing, debugging and revisions.

What kind of interactive content can we produce?
We can deliver all kinds of interactive content, including long-form editorials, parallax scrolling pieces, side-scrolling experiences, explorative data visualisations, dashboards, games, quizzes and much more.

Can we complete the research and copywriting?
We have a number of complementary services with all our services, including concept development, data mining, research, copywriting and editing. If you’d like interactive content for your brand but don’t have an idea or the data, we can help. Simply get in touch and we’ll factor additional services into the quote.

Who owns the IP (intellectual property)?
All IP for the final, working interactive is passed to the client upon full payment. We will publish select interactive work on our portfolio, but this can be avoided with a simple request.

Can we supply the working file and the code?
Unlike our competitors, we don’t charge an extra fee for the working file and can supply them on request. Working files will be supplied in Adobe Illustrator format for all interactive. Code is supplied in minimised format for all projects.

Can we help with deployment?
Although we can’t deploy the interactive on your site for you, our team is always available to help ensure deployment is as easy for your team as possible. We can work with all content management systems and website language, and can supply simple implementation options (such as embed codes) as well as the code package.

Can we supply hosting for interactive content?
If you can’t host the content on your own site and would prefer to use an iframe to deploy to your site, we can supply a range of hosting options for you.

Can we work on confidential projects?
Absolutely. We’re more than comfortable working with sensitive or confidential data, and can sign and return an NDA where required before starting work.

Can we promote interactive content?
We have an experienced digital PR team able to help you with link-building and interactive promotion. We have gained placements on some of the biggest sites in the world, including Mashable, TIME, Business Insider, Forbes, Entrepreneur, the Mail Online, NBC, CNN and scores of others.