Stat of the Week: How Much Time Millennials Spend on Dating Apps

The Internet has revolutionised many elements of our lives, from the way we shop to how we communicate with friends and family. But for millennials, doing these things digitally is simply the norm, particularly when it comes to things like dating.

From Match to Ashley Madison, Tinder to Grindr, Facebook to Fetlife, there are a dizzying number of ways to meet someone new, whether you want a hookup or a long-term relationship. With such a myriad of apps and websites, meeting ‘the one’ can require a serious time commitment, especially if you’re engaging with more than one service. So how long are millennials actually spending on dating apps?


According to, who surveyed 5,000 18-30 year olds across its 370 million worldwide users, found that millennials are spending an incredible 10 hours per week swiping through dating apps.

It also found that, on average, men tend to spend more time on apps than women do, with the former spending 85 minutes per day (versus 79 minutes per day for women). Most people log on about ten times per day, with the average session lasting around nine minutes.

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